Champions of the Five Magic

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Mitsuo Kubo’s Dungeon deserves to be analyzed.



Not in terms of dungeon design, of course, that’s awful. The Persona Series generally doesn’t shine when it comes to designing dungeons…

No, I mean the videogame-symbolism, especially the “inner voice” which Rise relays to the team (the one which occurs when you climb the floors and which brings out some of the Shadow thoughts out.)

I have played this dungeon in Japanese for the first time today (While I have several Japanese safe files of P4 and P4G, this is the first one I brought past the midpoint of the game, the others I ended up loosing in a… memory-card incident. >_>) and noticed 1-2 things that were lost in translation. Then I also took notice of other things that were there in the English Version as well, but I simply never paid enough attention to them before. Either way, they paint an interesting image about Mitsuo, his life, and why the IT jumping to conclusions as they do is very much a parody of how criminal cases involving Hikkikomori and Otaku are often treated by Japanese Media and Society.

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This is just, wow.

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pmiller1 asked: You know, about the Level Skill. It would make make sense you get skill in early level. It the story is taking place at both "culture festival", you think you wouldn't restart your skill for another dungeon. In some way they'er relearn they skill early then they would.


Sorry, I missed your message, so I am answering late, but, yeah, that does make sense! :-D