Champions of the Five Magic

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Dear Koei, please give Daqiao back her dual fans from Dynasty Warriors 4. Please, I need them.


Am I the only one that like her to have the Pugil Stick? I mean if you think about it, It isn’t a fighting weapon, more magical yes. But isn’t the point that she isn’t someone who wand to frighted unless she have too?

I feel like they should given the Paired Fans to her daughter.

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In Wei “Beauty Search” stage.

You save (and get attack be) Bao Sanniang, Daqiao, and Wang Yuanji from would-be kidnapper.

Now I can give that Daqiao would get herself kidnapped, the poor girl isn’t a fighter (in story) and Yuanji could have try to save herself.

But how do one kidnapped Bao Sanniang? the one who would marrage someone who can beat her in a fight, who is a warrior herself?

Also the Kidnapper was going to kidnapped a Lolicon, a Tsundere and a Neko.

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pmiller1 asked: Now I have the image of Trans Shiki thinking she have a 'boner' every time she see Eri in her bikini, quickly realising she don't have one anymore, making her more redder.


(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ.✧*. ・゚° .・゚ ✧

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Anonymous asked: You know, every time I hear Zhuge Liang mention his failures are part of some grand plan, I can't help but think "So you keep admitting that you're intentionally causing Liu Bei to lose this war and consistantly throwing thousands of soldiers' lives away on strategies you never intended to even work, and you're the guy we're supposed to be rooting for?" Really think Koei should sit down and think about the implications of that stupid ass line next game.


That is a very good point.

I know, I hate it everyone said that, Like really you losings was part your plan? Should you Instead of you know intending to lose, you could have plan for like winning from your loss.

This is why I have a Headcanon that is a Cover up for miss up, I mean he look sad (with the Sad Mug) when he said that. So I think that it a lie to make himself feel better.

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in the end, she didn’t get her steak until that afternoon

cheat sheet for her contacts:
Bowlcut = Yu
Money = Yosuke
Tsure = Naoto
Big = Kanji (who was too tired to notice he was writing gibberish)
Teddie fur = Teddie
Green, Red = Chie, Yukiko
Angry Pigtails = Rise